In Bristol Studio, Unit 19B Barton Hill Trading Est, Bristol BS5 9BB



About Us

Founded in 2006, In Bristol Studio is an artist-led, not for profit organisation whose mission is to provide affordable studio space with shared access to specialist professional tools and machinery, alongside business support, mentoring and opportunities to develop the creative practice of our members.

We are passionate about collaborative working, skill sharing, and community arts. We have a strong participatory arts vision and aim to promote greater engagement with the arts within our local community through the provision of accessible and dynamic artistic opportunities that appeal to and reflect our diverse community of Lawrence Hill, Barton Hill, St Phillips and Redfield.

We provide and maintain a range of creative opportunities close to the city centre, including:

  • 30 affordable artists’ studios, providing space to over 45 artists and makers
  • Professional Ceramics, Print and Woodwork Facilities
  • Bright and airy spaces to hire to run classes and courses and for large-scale projects

Alongside providing affordable artists’ studios, we also host and organise a range of regular events, some of which are open to everyone. These include:

  • Talks and presentations from artists and arts organisations
  • CPD, skill sharing, mentoring & coaching
  • Short courses, one-day classes and taster workshops
  • Open studios
  • An annual Christmas Fair
  • Community engagement
  • Participatory arts activities

Our Team

Kerry Russell

Kerry Russell, Operations & Creative Director

After leaving university in 2004, Kerry set up and developed the studio as one of Bristol’s pioneering ‘artist maker spaces’. From its beginning in 2006, Kerry has been the main driving force, her multifaceted role includes creative programme manager, fundraiser and event producer.

Alongside her role at In Bristol, Kerry chairs a number of participatory arts groups that build stronger communities using creativity to connect, up-skill and empower participants. As an associate designer for Play Disrupt, a creative consultation agency, Kerry develops tools to widen engagement, especially with communities who’ve been overlooked.

As a practicing socially engaged artist, In Bristol Studio presents a fantastic opportunity to combine her background in 3D design and fabrication with developing and building communities, both inside the studio and in our wider neighbourhood.

Sally in her studio

Sally Reay, Communities & Studio Manager

Sally has been providing mentoring and business support to In Bristol Studio since its inception in 2006.  She is currently responsible for managing the Studio Community, Renting Spaces, Room Hire, Open Access Subscriptions, Events, Classes & Courses, Finance and the day-to day running of the studio. She also provides business support, mentoring and coaching to studio members.

Sally is also the Director of Bristol Creatives, the artist-led network for visual and applied artists in the city, which she founded in 2006. She is an artist and designer-maker herself and she helped set up the Phoenix52 Community Arts Project and the Easton Arts Trail, and was a founding member of Mivart Artists.

In Bristol Studio provides an amazing opportunity to combine her background in arts management with her passion for using creativity to develop and support communities.

Stiling's Workshop

Jack Stiling, Senior Workshop Technician

Jack is responsible for managing our Woodwork Facilities and for providing Woodwork Inductions. He is an inventor and fabricator, and runs his own business making bespoke pieces and working to commission.

Being a long term member, Jack is also very passionate about life in the studio and he regularly collaborates with other studio members, helping them to realise their ideas and projects.

Man wearing a bowler hat

Alastair Burgess, Site Manager

Ally has been providing general caretaking and site management services to the studio for the last five years.  He is also a studio member with his own practice as a sculptor and metalsmith, combining traditional metal working techniques with state of the art industrial processes to create objects with pleasing forms and practicality.

Ally has additional skills in electronics, engineering and mechanics and he regularly collaborates with other studio members to help bring their ideas to fruition.

photo of Chloe Barnes

Chloe Barnes, Print Technician

Chloe is responsible for managing our Print Room facilities and for providing Print Inductions and technical support.

She is an illustrator, who combines printmaking with traditional and digital media to create expressive and painterly imagery.

Photo of Eva Gilder-Hodgson

Eva Gilder-Hodgson, Social Media Manager

Eva manages our Social Media and she is responsible for developing and creating our campaigns and managing the day-to-day studio output on our Instagram and Facebook channels.

Eva is a brand designer who works with independent businesses on visual identity and interior fit out projects, and is currently exploring new ways to recycle Bristol’s plastic waste into new material.

Our Vision, Mission & Values


  • Provide safe and affordable artist maker space along with professionally equipped workshops in print, woodwork and ceramics for the shared use of all members.
  • Nurture our artists with business support, mentoring and a broad range of opportunities to develop their creative practice.
  • Cultivate an exploratory environment that facilitates a culture of skill sharing and collaborative working that crosses the conventional boundaries between disciplines. 
  • Be a well-respected creative community hub, providing team building and community development opportunities in our neighbourhood.
  • Work in partnership with local service providers, partners, stakeholders and other creative communities in our neighbourhood to promote greater inclusivity and engagement with the arts. 
  • Continue to build a diverse programme of accessible and dynamic artistic opportunities for both our artist community and the wider neighbourhood, championing sustainability, capacity building and placemaking within our community.


In Bristol is an artist-led, not for profit organisation whose mission is to provide safe and affordable artist maker space, along with professionally equipped workshops in print, woodwork and ceramics for the shared use of all members and the wider community.

This is underpinned with a range of continued professional development, business support, skill sharing and mentoring opportunities that reflect the collaborative nature of our studio and enable us to nurture better, more resilient artists.

We have a strong participatory arts vision, and aim to promote greater engagement with the arts within our local community through the provision of accessible and dynamic artistic opportunities that appeal to and reflect our diverse community of Lawrence Hill, Barton Hill, St Phillips and Redfield. 

We believe this will help us become a stronger, more sustainable organisation that can better serve our community both inside and outside our building.


Artists play an essential role in society, and we put them at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to ensuring that artists  have the space and opportunities that they need to develop and grow.


We are ambitious and strive to be proactive in the community, aiming to have a positive impact by:
  • Treating people fairly and committing to pay artists for their work.
  • Valuing other perspectives, taking time to listen with compassion and with a commitment to honesty and openness.
  • Valuing diversity in all we do and remaining committed to equality and social justice.
  • Considering the environmental impact of our activity on local and wider communities, striving to minimise it in all aspects of our work.
  • We are always inclusive and we remain relevant by actively engaging with our communities both inside and outside our facilities.
  • Striving to create stronger communities by providing high quality, inspiring creative opportunities to the wider community in our often neglected and vulnerable residential inner city locality.

Mutual Trust & Principles

  • We provide a welcoming and safe environment that is inclusive and inspiring.
  • We operate principled and transparent criteria for selection and allocation, and strive to ensure the well-being of all artists.
  • The effectiveness of our team is built on mutual trust and we are motivated by a shared desire to support artists.
  • We place trust in partners and stakeholders who share our values and we earn their trust through transparency, honesty and integrity.
  • We commit to operate ethically and with environmental responsibility at the core of everything we do, and we constantly look for new ways to improve and innovate.

The Future

Our long term approach is ambitious, but it also creates stability

  • We protect and nurture the future of artists in Bristol, prioritising their long term growth and development.
  • We will invest and nurture the next generation of artists through community engagement and by working in schools to inspire and excite.
  • We continue to evolve and innovate without taking short term decisions that would be detrimental to our long term goals.
  • We grow expertise to meet the political, cultural and economic challenges of the future, without compromising our mission or beliefs.


You can view and download our Policy Documents below.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Safeguarding Policy