I want my art to be of comfort to myself and others.

Through making I feel, explore and express emotions through physical materials. The colours, scents, and textures of materials spark the sense of mystery and emotion in me. When I create art, I feel and think in a looser, softer, and brighter way. Occasionally I cry when making my art.

Sometimes my art comes out as “beings”, such as my fabric sculptures which seem like people or animals. Other times, I make exploratory abstract drawings and collages.

In my art I go to a place where I can feel into the senses and emotions without needing to close them off. It is like being in nature and feeling really alive, or dancing and having a fantastic time, or feeling loved, or deliberately feeling your grief in an emotionally held way.

My artworks are physical reminders of the possibility of that richer way of experiencing life – for me it is feeling soft, present, strong and awake. It is easy to lose touch with that underneath everyday fears and angers, so I make art to help me and others get back to that place.


Nicola Willis artwork photo

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