Steph uses traditional, intaglio and relief printing methods to create art work inspired by wildlife, the natural world and our place in it. Having studied Environmental Biology at university, she uses art as a way to express her sense of awe at the beauty and complexity of nature.

Steph tries to find a balance between realism and the unexpected outcomes of the print process. In this way her prints represent real species but each original print is unique, due to slight variations in colour intensity or texture. She likes to think how this is mirrored in the infinite variation amongst living things.

Steph exploits the versatility and experimental nature of collagraph printing which she combines with drypoint to make intriguing and tactile prints full of depth and texture.

She also uses linocut to create colourful, striking images that offer snapshots in time of our place in the natural world.

Her studio practice is non-toxic in both the printing and the clean-up system. She has researched to find the most health-safe and environmentally sound inks and mediums.

Steph also run The Bristol Print Room, running a wide range of print classes and courses.  You can find out more via


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